On the Grid and Out of The Box

Last month I was fortunate to meet up with a friend from grad school while she was on vacation in the US. We went to San Francisco for a few days and visited one of my all time faves: the deYoung Museum. 

We attended one of the Friday Night at the deYoung events in August. The theme was "California Brazil Camp", which featured lovely music and a printing demonstration. My friend and I worked our way through the entire space, revisiting favorite galleries.

In particular, I want to highlight the "On the Grid" exhibit because it was astoundingly beautiful and engaging. The premise of the exhibit was to display and examine textiles as minimalist art. 

Those of you who know me are aware of my intense love of textiles. Exploring their manufacturing processes, fiber analysis, and aesthetic design is a passion of mine. Historically though, I have not loved minimalist art. I am more often drawn to figurative art. This exhibit fused these two concepts in a way that quite simply blew my mind.

The objects on display represent a wide array of cultural backgrounds, manufacturing techniques, designs, and time periods. The overarching theme of minimalism is the thread stitching the gallery together. As an avid textile nerd, I was floored by the skill and innovative approaches used to create each piece. And don't even get me started on the marvelous mounting techniques used for display! As for the art, I was finally able to see the appeal of minimalism. Framing it in a different way allowed me to appreciate the simple lines and evocation of emotion.

The deYoung has created a unique and stirring exploration of art and I applaud them for it. Well done!