World of WearableArt at the EMP

A few weeks ago I went to the EMP to see the World of WearableArt exhibition. This exhibition features fashion pieces which are in themselves works of art - products of an international design competition. Materials include metals, leather, ceramics, fabrics, feathers, foam, plastics, and even taxidermy! The pieces are diverse in theme and impressive in execution. The scale of these garments is incredible and you really have to see them for yourself. Within the gallery there is a film of the competition, which is part fashion runway and part theater. Check out some clips:

One thing I love about this exhibit is the use of tactile interaction with the objects. Keeping people from touching display objects has always been a challenge for museums and there are a multitude of methods for dealing with this. This exhibit, as well as other fashion exhibits I've seen recently, have been redirecting the visitor's desire to touch the pieces by providing a sample swatch with the descriptive text. This was especially appreciated with the vast array of unique materials used with WOW.

My favorite item was Born to Die, 2013 by Xiao Tong Guo of China. It is a garment which uses plastic cable ties to mimic the skeleton of a fish. The zip ties gave an overall impression of delicacy and precision. I adore the creativity and the utilization of something so utilitarian to create something so beautiful. This piece won Second in the 2013 Creative Excellence Section: Art Forms in Nature.

To learn more about the competition see the World of WearableArt website.

This exhibition is on display at the EMP until January 3rd, 2017. Go see it for yourself!